Lockdown in Pioche, NV

5/12-14 Pioche Lockdown, to include the Caliente Train Depot and Elgin Schoolhouse.

The Nevada Paranormal Task Force plans to rendezvous along side “702 Paranormal,” “Arizona Paranormal Cowboys,” and the “Duke City Paranormal Pahrump Ghost Trackers.”

Pioche is know as a living ghost town, with numerous historic structures built in the 1800s. Most known is the Overland Hotel & Saloon, which many claim is haunted, particularly in room number 10. “Pioche was known as one of the most violent towns of the Wild West and during its heyday, between the years of 1868 to 1875, some 10,000 miners pulled $100 million worth of silver from the hills”, said Pioche resident Jim Kelly, who hosts tours of the million dollar courthouse and works part-time at the Overland Hotel & Saloon. “During this time, 72 people were murdered and buried in the Boot Hill Cemetery before anyone died of natural causes,” Kelly said. “One of the men murdered was my great grandfather who got shot by Morgan Courtney.”

You don’t want to miss the live-steaming and video coverage. Plans to be a real spooky time.

More about the history of Pioche, Nevada, to come…………. stay tuned to the white noise…………….. /\…….

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